2023 Grand Chamber Awards (GCA) Technopreneur of the Year Mr. Gerald A. Yuvallos

Gerald A. Yuvallos

President & CEO, AToX Business Solutions

“Find your Purpose. Take a step back – beyond your comfort zone. Keep Going.”

These three (3) striking lines were shared by 45-year-old start-up technopreneur when asked what drove him to open AtoX Business Solution.

Rooted in the Chinese–Spanish Yuvallos clan, Gerald A. Yuvallos deemed it can be both a blessing and a curse: A blessing because he inherits the mestizo look of a tall, dashing, and dapper Cebuano and a solid reputation of an iconic family of business leaders. A curse because for a budding technopreneur like him, he must constantly and without fail take a step back beyond his comfort zone to live the family name with honor and prestige.

 AtoX Business Solutions is a BPO engaged in offering diverse solutions for small and medium-sized companies. It insisits clients to focus on what they do best by providing a reputable service and customer satisfaction. Founded in 2016 with the support from family and friends, Gerald believed it was the right time, right place, and right circumstance for AtoX in Cebu. It started with 13 employees and grew to almost 100 in a span of seven (7) years and an expanding to Cagayan de Oro.

Holding the reins as the CEO and Co-founder with a story of unwavering determination and a commitment, Mr. Gerald Yuvallos is best described as a visionary leader who reshaped the competitive landscape of the BPO industry, to redefine success by focusing on internal strength rather than competing directly with industry giants.

Moreover, Gerald’s ethos went beyond business. He understood that a company’s success was inherently tied to the well-being of its employees. Through the trying times, when the pandemic hit the world and exacerbated in the Visayas with super typhoon Odette, AToX remained a beacon of support to his family and associates. Grasping the purpose of his existence, prioritizing employee well-being has fostered and improved the bond of trust and loyalty within their workplace, transforming the company into a more supportive and cohesive community, where everyone feels valued and cared for.

Realizing that nurturing employees was just one facet of success, Gerald and his team focused unceasing investments. Innovation, collaboration and robust training programs became the bedrock of AtoX’s growth strategy. Strategic hiring, ongoing skills development initiatives and embracing technological advancements kept the company agile, always poised to seize emerging opportunities.

Under Gerald’s visionary leadership, AtoX thrived, marking remarkable milestones in an industry predominantly led by foreign investors. Their journey, rooted in unpretentious beginnings never lost sight of the fundamental responsibility to care for their employees. AtoX’s futuristic mindset, blended with a compassionate approach, has propelled the company’s exponential growth trajectory.

Beyond personal triumphs, AtoX’s story exemplifies the true essence of business success—a harmonious blend of compassion, empathy, and unwavering dedication to clients and employees alike. Its narrative is a testament of Gerald A. Yuvallos’ commitment to redefine business success with a more profound milestone as a Cebuano technopreneur.