Ayala Land Inc. to Shine at CCCI’s 120th Year Celebration Gala Night as Captain of Commercial Property Industry

Cebu’s illustrious 120-year journey comes to a crescendo at the Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s (CCCI) grand celebration on December 6th. Among the luminaries set to be honored at the momentous Gala Night, Ayala Land Inc. stands tall as the recipient of the prestigious ‘Captain of Industry: Property-Commercial’ award.

Since its establishment in 1988, Ayala Land embarked on a transformative mission in sync with the economic renaissance of Cebu. Seizing the opportunity presented by an influx of foreign investments and government infrastructure initiatives, Ayala Land envisioned and implemented large-scale developments that not only attracted investors but also paved the way for high-value job creation and essential services.

At the heart of this visionary journey lies the creation of master-planned districts such as the iconic Cebu Business Park and the dynamic Cebu I.T. Park. These developments, born from the foresight of Ayala Land, have not only redefined Cebu’s skyline but have become integral hubs of commerce, innovation, and community growth – a township.

The ‘Captain of Industry: Property-Commercial’ award is a recognition of Ayala Land’s revolutionary impact on Cebu’s business landscape by transforming the once golf course into a sprawling 50-hectare Cebu Business Park, now stands as a testament to Ayala Land’s commitment to high-value establishments, drawing both domestic and foreign businesses with its modern amenities, hotels, and banks setting new standards in urban living and commerce for the region.

In 1996, the Cebu I.T. Park emerged, transforming a domestic airport into the nucleus of the burgeoning I.T. BPM industry. Its exponential growth has played a pivotal role in propelling both the Philippine and global economies.

The ongoing 26-hectare waterside development reflects Ayala Land’s ongoing commitment to Cebu’s long-term progress. This investment underscores the company’s dedication to prime entertainment and commercial concepts, emphasizing culture, tourism, and commerce.

Along with other captains of industry who shaped the business landscape of Cebu, CCCI is set to honor Ayala Land, Inc on December 6 at Nustar Convention Center, SRP, Cebu City.

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