The CEBU BUSINESS MOBILIZATION (CBM) focuses on the needs of its members in the Cebu business community for opportunities that promote and enable innovation, entrepreneurship, creativity and digital transformation towards resilience and global competitiveness.

It fosters interrelationships within the board of trustees, sectoral associations, CCCI MEMBERS and private & public entities; thus, engaging key players and champions to craft & mobilize towards the implementation of relevant activities, projects and programs such as the Cebu Business Month under the leadership of the CBM Chair.

CBM 2024: Padayon CEBU!

Envisioned as the “engine of Cebu’s growth towards global competitiveness”, the Cebu Business Months (CBM) was organized by the Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI) in 1996 to celebrate the significant achievements and leadership role that Cebu business play in enterprise development, socio-economic prosperity and nation building.

CBM is CCCI’s flagship annual project with Presidential Proclamation No. 748, signed by then President Fidel V. Ramos in 1996, declares the whole month of June as Cebu Business Month.

It convenes business people and entrepreneurs in one venue to share best practices and technologies, and showcase products and services where possible tie-ups can be forged. It has the primary purpose of enhancing business and effecting wide-scale economic development especially among the small and medium scale enterprises.

While it is true that CBM has become Cebu Chamber’s signature project for over 28 years, yet amidst its evolution, we must not lose sight of our roots. It is imperative that we always go back to the basics and remind ourselves of the fundamental pillars upon which CBM stands – to INSPIRE entrepreneurs, to PROMOTE collaboration and synergy, and to catalyze sustainable GROWTH that transcends generations.

With a renewed focus on Cebu’s major industries, this year’s festivities mark a significant shift in CBM’s approach as we introduce thematic programs integral to the success of businesses across various sectors. These themes will encompass Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Creativity, Digital Transformation and Technology; and Networking, Collaboration, and Partnerships.

Our overarching goal is to weave a seamless framework resonating across diverse but intertwined industries, including trade and commerce, services, ICT, and sectoral organizations. This endeavor will leverage existing government programs, emphasizing the profound significance of collaboration between Local Government Units (LGUs), other government line agencies, and the private sector.

The private sector is not just merely willing but eagerly raring and waiting to work hand-in-hand with the government, collectively moving forward in identifying a common ground towards driving the progress of Cebu.

This year, our aim is twofold: to promote a unified direction in line with the programs of our government while ensuring inclusivity and support for all businesses, including the micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs). We are committed to fostering collaboration between the public and private sectors, leveraging our shared strengths to introduce positive change and opportunities that would transcend even beyond the month of June.

As CBM continues to champion Cebu and position it as an investment gateway in the Asia Pacific, our programs will extend a helping hand to the MSMEs, equipping them to level up and confront the challenges of today’s dynamic business landscape.

In our pursuit for progress, we are echoing the sentiment that we need to wake up and level up Cebu once again. Moving forward, CBM and other Chamber programs will be value-driven, aligning with the aspirations of our members and stakeholders, encapsulated in our resounding battle cry – Padayon CEBU.

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