Mission Vision

Connecting Opportunities. Growing Businesses. Creating Values.

Founded in 1903, the Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI) is a civil service organization (CSO) / business membership organization (BMO) of businessmen, merchants, professionals and entrepreneurs. CCCI is the largest and most prominent local business service organization in the Philippines. With over 900 member companies coming from various sectors such as Trade, Industry, Service, ICT and Sectoral business associations, CCCI envisions itself as “The Engine of Cebu’s Business Growth towards Global Competitiveness”. In pursuit of this vision, the Chamber conceives plans and implements programs and services in line with its Mission “to strengthen the capabilities of the members through advocacy, linkages and synergy for the competitiveness of Cebu and its people in the global economy.”




To strengthen the capabilities of the members through advocacy, linkages and synergy for the competitiveness of Cebu and its people in the global economy.


“To be the engine of Cebu’s Business Growth towards Global Competitiveness”


The Cebu Chamber of Commerce & Industry is committed to deliver high quality, innovative services that meet members’ needs and continually improve the effectiveness of the quality management system. CCCI will deliver services on schedule and within budget while maintaining compliance with applicable regulations.


  • Satisfy CCCI members needs to be more competitive in the global market
  • Maintain good external relations to ensure enabling ecosystem for economic growth and development
  • Utilize digital technology where applicable to improve efficiency
  • Provide conducive, safe and secure work environment
  • To exercise prudent financial and asset management
  • Maintain an ISO 9001:2015 registered Quality Management System

Connecting Opportunities. Growing Businesses. Creating Value

The Chamber’s Services: In order to fulfill its objective of driving business growth in Cebu, CCCI provides its constituents and on occasion its non-members, services aimed at address various business needs. These include the following:


The Business Policy and Advocacy focuses on the  needs of its members in the Cebu business community for an advocacy of having a common agenda on making Cebu More Competitive and address concerns on the ease and lowered cost of doing business, security, resiliency and other  stumbling blocks of business growth and development. CCCI maintains an image that promotes its core values (Integrity, Commitment, Synergy  and Service) and its lead role as the voice of Cebu’s Business Community.

It fosters interrelationships with identified government and non-government enablers,


    The Business Development focuses on the  needs of its members in the Cebu business community for continued knowledge and skills upgrading of business owners and employees whether current and future; to address issues of organizational competency, productivity and operational inefficiencies; strengthen business linkages, investment promotion and facilitation, and cater to specific needs, e.g. trade facilitation and marketing.

    Thus, it fosters interrelationships with advocates, champions and service providers in the Chamber membership and partners in the public and private sector having Business Development programs.


    The Chamber Growth focuses on increasing the membership base of the Chamber, engaging members in various programs and initiatives of CCCI and the Chamber movement, securing leaders and champions for various initiatives, creating and developing chamber chapters in Cebu’s countryside, developing incentive strategies and programs, conferring recognition and awards to exemplary businessmen and companies, managing Corporate Social Response (CSR) activities in adherence to the ISO 9001:2015 QMS.

    Thus, it fosters interrelationships among all members in various fields of trade and commerce, service, industry and agriculture sectors of the local economy, it engages partners in the public-private sector, domestic and international in the pursuit of the Chamber movement’s goals and objectives.


      The Cebu Business Mobilization (CBM) focuses on the  needs of its members in the Cebu business community for opportunities that promote and enable innovation, entrepreneurship, creativity and digital transformation towards resilience and global competitiveness.

      It fosters interrelationships within the board of trustees, sectoral associations, CCCI members and private & public entities; thus, engaging key players and champions to craft & mobilize towards the implementation of relevant activities, projects and programs such as the Cebu Business Month.


      The Finance and Admin Service focuses on the needs of the members of CCCI injudicious management of financial resources, properties, and facilities, human resources, inventories, and records. This includes revenue generation from membership dues, rentals, registration fees, and return from investment. Furthermore, it facilitates review and updating of policies and procedures with respect to fund management, sponsorships, grants and investments.


      Under the guidance of the President who acts as the Chamber’s Chief Executive Officer, manages Chamber operations and translates policies and plans into appropriate programs and projects to ensure that all divisions deliver quality services to members and other clients in a timely and cost-effective manner. The coordinative functions of the Executive Office extend from within and outside the Chamber. Aside from coordinating with the BOT and the management staff on matters relative to overall CCCI operations, the EO also takes responsibility for linkages with member firms, associations and government and non-government organizations in behalf of the President on concerns affecting the business community.



      The Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry is a multi-awarded Chamber in the Philippines. The following are the past awards that the Chamber has garnered.

      •  Most Outstanding Chamber in the Philippines Hall of Fame 1997, 2007 & 2013 (for i.e 9 consecutive years of MOCA in the Philippines)
      • Most Outstanding Chamber in the Philippines: 1995 – 1997, 2005 – 2007, 2011-2013 (Not eligible from 2014-2016), 2020
      • Top Five Best Education and Training Projects Assessment Certification Accreditation Services (ACAS) – ICC – World Chambers Federation
      • Special Citation for Institutionalizing the establishment of the Assessment, Certification and Accreditation System (ACAS) 2018
      • Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry National Excellence Award 2017
      • Cebu City Outstanding Institution Award for Trade and Investment 2016
      • Most Outstanding Chamber in the Visayas: 1993 – 1997, 2005 – 2007, 2011-2013,2018,2020
      • PCCI Diamond Achievement Award 2012
      • Over-all Winner Developing Nations Category, a Better World Award by the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) 2010
      • Philippine Foundation Inc. “Perlas Award on the Valuable Institution”: 2009
      • ISO Certification for Quality Management System 9001:2000 (2006-2009) ; 9001-2015 (2018-2019)
      • Best Local Chamber in the Asia – Pacific: Confederation of Asia – Pacific Chambers of Commerce and Industry 2008
      • ICC – World Chambers Federation Best Management & Financing Project Award: 2004
      • Most Outstanding Chamber Award/Special Citation for Institutionalizing the establishment of the Assessment, Certification and Accreditation System (ACAS)