CCCI honors M. Lhuillier’s Contributions to Financial Innovation

The Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s (CCCI) 120th Year Celebration Gala Night is set to honor exemplary businesses that have significantly impacted Cebu’s economic landscape. Among the distinguished awardees stands M. Lhuillier Financial Services, recipient of the esteemed “Captain of Industry: Financial Institution Money Remittance” award.

M. Lhuillier Financial Services has been an embodiment of accessibility, empowerment, and relentless innovation. Its inception aimed to provide accessible financial services and create opportunities for progress. The company’s strategic focus on innovation and technological integration has enabled it to not just adapt but thrive in an ever-evolving industry. By keenly observing and responding to shifting customer needs, M. Lhuillier has expanded its horizons, offering pertinent solutions along its journey.

In the face of rapidly morphing business landscapes, M. Lhuillier Financial Services has embraced transformation. Shifting from traditional on-site commerce to a tech-driven digital realm, the company launched the ML Wallet, a platform providing users with financial freedom and control. While embracing technological advancements, M. Lhuillier remains rooted in its core values, ensuring the brand’s resilience for future generations and catering to an ever-expanding user base across diverse services.

The “Captain of Industry: Financial Institution Money Remittance” award acknowledges M. Lhuillier Financial Services’ exceptional legacy. It traces its roots back to igniting the very first chain of homegrown pawnshops “agencias” in Colon St. Cebu City, growing into the largest non-bank financial institution with over 3,000 branches throughout the Philippines. The company specializes in an array of services, including quick cash loans, domestic and international money transfer, insurances, logistics, bills payment, and micro-insurance.

“Tulay ng PaMLyang Pilipino,” the company’s tagline, aptly encapsulates its role as a bridge connecting families, particularly in low-key communities and far-flung barangays, locally and globally. M. Lhuillier Financial Services has diversified its portfolio into various sectors, ranging from property development, construction, farming, food manufacturing, bottled water, wines, gourmet products distribution, to its recent venture, the Cebu Safari and Adventure Park in Carmen, Cebu—an unparalleled endeavor set to revolutionize the tourism industry as the largest zoological and nature park in the Philippines.

Along with other captains of industry who shaped the business landscape of Cebu, CCCI is set to honor Virginia Food, Inc on December 6 at Nustar Convention Center, SRP, Cebu City.

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