Experience the PERI Advantage: Building Excellence, One Project at a Time

Are you ready to take your construction projects to new heights? Introducing PERI, the pioneer in formwork and scaffolding technology!

For over 50 years, PERI has been at the forefront of innovation, delivering unparalleled solutions and setting industry standards. Armed with a vision to transform construction practices, PERI’s founders pioneered groundbreaking solutions that streamlined work processes and enhanced efficiency. At PERI, collaboration is not just a buzzword; it’s a way of life.

As a family business, PERI’s success has always been rooted in its unwavering commitment to putting customers first. Every step of the way, PERI’s dedicated team focuses on delivering exceptional value and benefits to construction professionals like you.

PERI-Asia Philippines, Inc. marks a significant milestone in PERI’s global expansion. Founded in 2014, this Philippine Corporation, wholly owned by PERI SE, brings the company’s renowned formwork and scaffolding solutions to the vibrant construction landscape of Manila, Cebu, and Davao. With its localized presence and a dedicated team, PERI-Asia Philippines, Inc. delivers world-class expertise and support, ensuring that construction projects across the country reach new heights of success.

PERI offers a range of exceptional system equipment, including formwork systems like Vario, DUO, Handset Alpha, and Alphadeck, as well as scaffolding/shoring systems such as PERI Up, PERI Up Stair 75, PD8, and PS100. We also provide Phenolic Plywood and top-notch Engineering Services.

With vast storage facilities in Manila and Cebu, backed by the largest logistics network in Asia, PERI ensures that projects of all sizes and specifications are handled seamlessly. The comprehensive PERI product portfolio, readily available at these strategically located stockyards, guarantees timely and efficient delivery. Furthermore, a robust supply chain management system ensures that customer orders are processed with utmost care and speed.

Whether big or small, PERI has the expertise, resources, and commitment to turn your construction dreams into reality.

To know more about their products, please send an email or contact PERI through:

Manila:            Edu Bernabe Eduardo.Bernabe@peri.com.ph 0998-592-1002

Jay Lopez Joselito.Lopez@peri.com.ph 0998-968-8790

Christian Macabiog Christian.Macabiog@peri.com.ph 0998-845-7265

Davao:             Joyce Henson Jocelyn.Henson@peri.com.ph 0999-227-2749

Cebu:              Yore Pardo Yoreliza.Pardo@peri.com.ph 0998-596-9329

Trust PERI for formwork, scaffolding, and engineering for the future of the Philippines.