A.D. Gothong Manufacturing Corporation: Recognized as Manufacturing and Wholesaling Trailblazer

As the Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI) marks its 120th year milestone, the anticipation swells for the grand gala night scheduled for December 6 at the Nustar Convention Center in Cebu City. Among the esteemed recipients of the prestigious Captain of Industry award is the venerable A.D. Gothong Manufacturing Corporation, hailed for its pioneering role in the manufacturing and wholesaling of fats and oils.

Beneath within the annals of Cebu’s business history, A.D. Gothong Mfg. Corp. traces its genesis to 1978, under the stewardship of the late luminary industrialist, Albino D. Gothong. Armed with a solitary second-hand machine, the company commenced its odyssey in producing shortenings and margarine, birthing a legacy that continues to echo through time.

What ensued was not just a corporate odyssey, but a saga of self-reliance and transformative evolution. A.D. Gothong Mfg. Corp. embarked on a trajectory of backward integration, crafting an ecosystem that embraced innovation at every turn. The establishment of an oil mill, refinery, and plastic packaging plant solidified its self-sufficiency, while also becoming the sole operational copra crushing plant in Cebu—a lifeline for the region’s coconut farmers.

The company’s dedication to fortifying the coconut industry garnered esteemed recognition, notably the GAWAD KAAGAPAY Large Corporation (Agri-Based) by the Land Bank of the Philippines in 2015. A.D. Gothong Mfg. Corp.’s unwavering support became synonymous with empowerment, fostering sustainability and growth within the local agricultural landscape.

Now in its 45th year, the mantle of leadership has seamlessly transitioned to the capable hands of the 2nd and 3rd generation family members. They meticulously uphold the founder’s legacy, steering the company towards continual improvement and industry-first achievements. The recent certification of the manufacturing plant with the prestigious GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) accreditation by TQCSI stands as a testament to their unwavering pursuit of excellence—a milestone affirming their commitment to quality and innovation.

The honor bequeathed upon A.D. Gothong Mfg. Corp. resonates with its rich heritage, encapsulating a saga of innovation and dedication. Its integrated facility, housing a copra crushing plant, oil mill, and physical refinery, has been the cradle of premium vegetable oils and a diverse array of bakery essentials—a hallmark of their business acumen and unwavering commitment to meet diverse consumer needs.

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