Aboitiz Group: Shaping the Future with Tech and Tradition

The Aboitiz Group, a name synonymous with enduring commitment and a century-long legacy, stands on the cusp of recognition at the forthcoming Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s (CCCI) 120th Year Celebration Gala Night, poised to receive the esteemed “Captain of Industry – High Impact in Cebu” award.

The Aboitiz Group’s journey traces back through the annals of Philippine history, evolving into one of the countries and ASEAN’s premier conglomerates, spanning a diverse spectrum of industries. From power, banking, financial services, food to infrastructure, land, data science, and artificial intelligence, the Group’s presence resonates across vital sectors, reflecting a legacy of resilience and innovation.

In the face of unprecedented challenges that reshaped global landscapes, the Group demonstrated unparalleled agility. Recognizing the need to evolve beyond traditional paradigms, Aboitiz swiftly pivoted to ensure the uninterrupted provision of essential services vital to communities. This pivotal moment catalyzed the Great Transformation (GT2025), propelling the Group towards embracing innovation as a cornerstone of its evolution.

Embarking on a transformative journey, Aboitiz Group steers towards an ambitious vision: becoming the Philippines’ premier “techglomerate” This bold stride positions a century-old legacy conglomerate at the vanguard of intelligence, technology, and startup culture. After a century, the Group emerges not just stronger but smarter, leveraging innovation in ways previously unimagined.

The award acknowledges the Group’s extraordinary evolution from a humble family enterprise to one of the Philippines’ largest and most diverse corporation. Originating in Cebu, the Aboitiz Group stands as a pioneer in the inter-island shipping industry, nurturing homegrown businesses while leading as a captain of industry in power, shipbuilding, banking, financial services, food, infrastructure, construction, and real estate development.

However, the Group’s impact transcends mere business success. Aboitiz has staunchly invested in developmental socio-economic philanthropy, solidifying its commitment to nurturing communities and fostering sustainable growth.

Along with other captains of industry who shaped the business landscape of Cebu, CCCI is set to honor the Aboitiz Group on December 6 at Nustar Convention Center, SRP, Cebu City.

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