The Cebu Chamber has taken the mantle of becoming the voice of Cebu’s Business Community as it continuously seeks to PURSUE AND INFLUENCE PROGRAMS AND POLICIES FOR THE EASE AND LOWERED COST OF DOING BUSINESS and thus slowly realizing the AGENDA OF A MORE COMPETITIVE CEBU –from representations in government development councils and special bodies to engaging in open dialogues with concerned stakeholders and government agencies, and lobbying of position papers in expressing the sentiments of the business community. It has become the Chamber’s mission to identify concerns, issues, programs and services where CCCI can be of assistance, along with, to develop viable programs and strategies for advocacy to make the CCCI a major catalyst in the promotion of a healthy business environment and linkages with the multi-sectoral community.


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Business Policy Advocacy

The CCCI has been able to lobby the sentiments and concerns of our members to the concerned agencies and department through the configuration of position papers to official statements.

Image Promotion Through Press releases

Ease and Cost of Doing Business

CCCI has been committed in pursuing or influencing policies and programs on the ease and lowered cost of doing business.

Consultation Meetings

By forging strategic partnerships with other businesses, trade or industry associations and other sectoral organizations, the Cebu Chamber was able to conduct focus group discussion (FGDs), round table discussions (RTDs) and fora concerning diverse topics and issues.

Educational Tours

Educational Tours provide students a better understanding about business enterprises and the relevance of the chamber to businesses. Cebu chamber provides orientations for educational to various schools from the Visayas, Mindanao and even students from abroad.

Creating & Strengthening Business Linkages

The Cebu Chamber participates actively in the various initiatives of different government agencies, non-government agencies (NGO), foreign institutions and other sectoral groups in order to maintain and strengthen its linkages with other organizations through networking, knowledge sharing and learning opportunity and conversations with key figures.

CCCI Representation in the Government

The Cebu Chamber continues to be the business community’s voice in government development councils and special bodies to leverage policies and an ecosystem that will facilitate ease in doing business, lower the cost of transactions and influence infrastructure investments programming to ensure smooth flow of goods, people and services and thereby support key economic drivers both in this island province of Cebu and the Central Visayas region, and even at the national level.

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