Benedicto & Sons Co: Building the Legacy of Cebu’s Construction Industry

Amidst the anticipation of the Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s (CCCI) 120th Year Celebration Gala Night, Benedicto & Sons Co., Inc. emerges as an emblem of unwavering commitment, innovation, and community-centric growth in Cebu’s business realm.

Founded in 1945 by the visionary Don Bernardo Benedicto, the roots of Benedicto & Sons Co., Inc. sprouted from a hardware trading venture, cultivating a legacy that transcends seven decades and resonates profoundly in Cebu’s evolving landscape.

Formally incorporated as B. Benedicto & Sons Co., Inc. in 1962, the company’s journey surged forward, propelled by a vision to address the dynamic needs of Cebu’s burgeoning communities. A pivotal transition unfolded in 2005, as Ambassador Francisco L. Benedicto and family took the helm, ushering in an era of expansion and diversification.

Over the years, Benedicto & Sons Co., Inc. evolved beyond its hardware trade origins, venturing into diverse domains such as steel manufacturing, real estate development, and education. This strategic diversification epitomizes the company’s adaptability and forward-thinking approach towards multifaceted progress and community empowerment.

The company’s diverse ecosystem spans Benedicto Development Corporation, Cadiz Steel Corporation, FLB Industries, Inc., FLB Prime Holdings, Inc., FLB Marketing Inc., Bayanihan Native Cuisine, and Benedicto College, Inc., each entity contributing uniquely to the fabric of Cebu’s economic tapestry.

However, beyond the realm of expansion lies the essence of Benedicto & Sons Co., Inc.’s legacy. The company’s resilience amid the challenges of the past decade is a testament to its intrinsic values – a commitment to community service, unwavering quality, and adaptability in dynamic market terrains.

Moreover, Benedicto & Sons Co., Inc.’s venture into education, with the establishment of Benedicto College, Inc., signifies a profound commitment to nurturing intellectual infrastructure, fostering the growth of future leaders across various disciplines.

The imminent Gala Night seeks to honor Benedicto & Sons Co., Inc.’s pioneering role in retail, trade, and distribution of authentic construction materials, integral components vitalizing Cebu’s thriving real estate and construction sectors. As the vanguard of the industry, the company’s investments in physical infrastructure, including mixed-use offices and residential condominiums, fortify Cebu’s real estate horizon.

Along with other captains of industry who shaped the business landscape of Cebu, CCCI is set to honor Benedicto & Sons Co. on December 6 at Nustar Convention Center, SRP, Cebu City.

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