Bon-Ace Fashion Tools, Inc.: 20 Years and counting in Giving Big First Impressions of Unique Cebuano Craftsmanship

If you have ever walked into a 5-star hotel, a restaurant entrance or an outdoor café, one of the first things you are likely to notice is the lavish display of over-sized planters or rows of vases, unique wall arts which add elegance and finesse that draw customers in with their extravagance and enhancing the overall ambiance. Such impressive, beautiful, unparalleled collections are proudly made in Cebu.   

Founded in 1993, BON-ACE FASHION TOOLS, INC. is a Philippine-based fashion and lifestyle products company with worldwide reach known for its unique designs and functionality made from all-natural materials by Engr. Ramir V. Bonghanoy and his wife, Gina Bonghanoy.

BON-ACE (BONghanoy Arts Cum Engineering) began its business operation with a small nipa hut as a production area for the export business and with 8 employees, initially produced buttons for the Italian market. However, they soon expanded their business to include export-quality fashion accessories and small home decor products, successfully expanding their reach to the United States.

Exquisitely studied and carefully crafted with Bon-Ace’s master craftsmen’s skills honed over decades of experience, utilizing the most appropriate technology and methodology at the forefront of innovation.

Engr. Ramir V. Bonghanoy, the driving force behind the brand, emphasizes their philosophy: “We make ordinary things extraordinarily well.” This mantra permeates every aspect of BON-ACE’s work, inspiring their dedicated team to continually transform ideas into reality. The result? Innovative product lines that cater to the evolving needs of discerning customers, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

For nearly three decades, BON-ACE has been known for its high-quality products, which are intricately crafted by master craftsmen with skills passed down from generations to generations. With decades of experience and expertise, the company’s craftsmen use the most appropriate technology and innovative methodologies to create out of this world unique and eye-catching conversational pieces. BON-ACE has gained a reputation for its unique designs made from all natural materials, which are combined with utmost functionality to create fashion and home décor products that stand out from the crowd.

One of BON-ACE’s most esteemed achievements is their highly coveted Radica Collection, a groundbreaking invention that perfectly encapsulates the brand’s commitment to excellence. Combining eye-catching aesthetics with ingenious functionality, this patented collection has garnered praise and admiration from fashion enthusiasts worldwide. With BON-ACE, fashion isn’t just about looking good—it’s about embracing the intersection of style and practicality.

BON-ACE is located at Bon-Ace Complex Tungkil, Minglanilla. Join the ranks of those who dare to be different. Contact them now at T: (032) 273-4554 / (032) 273-4577, M: +63919-0651994 / +63908-8130334, or email at /

BON-ACE Lifestyle – where ordinary things become extraordinary.