Cebu Chamber Forum Sparks Sustainable Solutions in Waste Management

The Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI) reinforced its unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability by hosting a forum dedicated to “Solid Waste Management and the Circular Economy” held on Monday, October 23, at the Golden Peak Hotel Cebu. The forum was attended by over a hundred from a diverse array of stakeholders in their collective mission to address the pressing waste management challenges in the city.

Tagged as “Nurturing Sustainable Solutions: A Forum on Solid Waste Management and the Circular Economy,” this significant gathering provided a platform for forward-thinking companies deeply dedicated to sustainable practices. It offered a unique opportunity for them to explore potential investments and collaborative partnerships. The event was graced by the presence of notable businesses, including Prime Integrated Waste Solutions, Inc., Guun Co., Ltd., Güd Is Better, and FDRCON Company, Inc., who showcased their innovative approaches to combatting plastic waste.

The event highlighted the range of available technologies capable of transforming wastes into valuable resources, such as waste-to-power, waste-to-energy, and waste-to-construction materials. Discussions underscored the vital role of local government units in waste management, emphasizing the need for diligent garbage collection and adherence to proper segregation practices.

A dynamic aspect of the forum was the interactive roundtable discussions, where stakeholders passionately debated viable solutions. These discussions generated proposals, including the reinforcement of public-private partnerships between the government and solid waste management providers, underlining the importance of collaborative efforts in addressing this pressing issue.

Acknowledging the importance of individual households, participants discussed the enforcement of the timeless principles of reusing, reducing, and recycling, making them obligatory practices for every household. These measures aim to bolster waste collection processes and reduce the environmental impact.

The forum addressed issues ranging from the macro to micro levels, fostering a collaborative spirit among stakeholders with a shared goal of revitalizing and strengthening environmental commitments. This event aligns with CCCI’s mission to empower its members by fostering advocacy, forging strategic linkages, and encouraging synergy to enhance the competitiveness of Cebu and its people in the global economy.

Esteemed panelists at the forum included DENR Undersecretary Analiza Teh, Cebu City Solid Waste Management Board Chairperson Ms. Emma Ramas, EMB Chief of Solid Waste Management Engr. John Roy Kyamko, and Mandaue City Environment and Natural Resources Head Ar./Enp Araceli Gahi Barlam.

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