COREnergy— Your Trustworthy Partner for Sustainable and Cost-Effective Energy Solutions

Are you a large power consumer? How much is your energy consumption per month? Are you tired of being at the mercy of unpredictable energy prices and unreliable power sources? Worry no more. At COREnergy Inc, customizable energy solutions that can help your business navigate the ever-changing economic landscape is now within your reach.

Established in 2012, a wholly owned unit of Vivant Energy Corp., a subsidiary of Vivant Corporation (VVT), Corenergy’s primary purpose is to buy, source and obtain electricity from generating companies or from the wholesale electricity spot market (WESM) to sell, broker, market or aggregate electricity to the end-users in the contestable market. COREnergy started as a licensed Retail Electricity Supplier (RES), providing contestable customers with their energy of choice. But as the needs and challenges of its customers evolved, so did COREnergy’s business offerings. Today, COREnergy offers a comprehensive range of solutions, including retail electricity, distributed solar, and engineering services.

“We offer access to energy solutions that include solar, which is widely accepted as an option to reduce and manage cost-effectively. We cover the entire Philippines and we aspire to support the needs of various industries throughout the country.” COREnergy President, Mr. Al Douglas Villaos, sums it up best.

Under the Retail Competition and Open Access (RCOA), large power consumers can directly source their power from a licensed Retail Electricity Suppliers (RES). COREnergy offers contestable customers the most economical energy at lower generation charges, with the option to tap renewable energy to help them achieve their sustainability goals.

The Retail Competition and Open Access (RCOA) introduces retail competition to the power industry. The retail market has created an opportunity for electricity end-users with an average peak demand of at least 1MW to secure retail supply contracts from licensed Retail Electricity Suppliers (RES) or Local RES. PEMC, as the Central Registration Body, is determined to cater to the needs of its expanding clientele with the entry on new contestable customers as the threshold level is further reduced to 750 kilowatts (kW). At this level and beyond, new entities or business function called Aggegators shall be allowed to supply electricity to end-users whose combined demand within a contiguous area is at least 750 kW. This development in the retail market is envisioned to herald more quality, security, and affordability in electricity trade and promote further transparency, dynamism and competition in the WESM.

And speaking of sustainability, COREnergy knows that many businesses consider the investment required to be sustainable a hindrance. That’s why it offers flexible financing schemes for distributed solar solutions. With distributed solar, businesses can generate their own solar power on their facilities without upfront costs, making them less vulnerable to the fluctuating energy prices in the grid.

IN PHOTOS: Property developer JEG Development Corporation (JDC), in partnership with Vivant COREnergy Inc. (COREnergy), launched the 37kWp (kilowatt peak) rooftop solar installation that powers the daytime energy demand of 22-storey JEG Tower @ One Acacia.

But COREnergy doesn’t just stop at energy supply. It also manages other power system requirements of various industries to help ensure safe and continuous power under its Engineering Solutions services. Its team of experts with decades-long experience in various segments of the power value chain can help optimize electricity supply, generate real peso savings, and improve the reliability of equipment and the overall safety of workplaces.

IN PHOTOS: 8 transformers supplied for Virginia Food Inc. at Compostela Manufacturing Plant. The purpose is to refurbish or retrofit the old power substation to more efficient, safe and reliable power.

 IN PHOTOS: Configuration and Testing of Protection Relay for Transformer 1 at Cebu Private Power Corp. This maintains the safe and efficient of the power generation of asset.

COREnergy is committed to building lasting partnerships with its customers by providing superior energy solutions that empower business organizations to be more self-reliant and to reduce their carbon footprint.

Don’t wait – partner with COREnergy and take control of your energy future! Visit their website at today.