Elections are a time to consider the issues that you care about and decide which candidate you support.

Now on its 120th year as the voice of business, the Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry will hold its annual elections via online in partnership with Isla Lipana Co. a Pwc Company.

For the past five (5) years, your chamber is strongly advocating on the lowered cost and ease of doing business in Cebu to create an enabling ecosystem so business will thrive and prosper.

Below are the official candidates to the Service Sector.


Architect Benjamin Avila is a man of many talents and accomplishments. With a career spanning over four decades, Avila has left a lasting impact on both the architectural field and the Cebu community.

Avila is the Principal Architect of Avila Architects, President of Jesa Management Corporation, and Director of Colon Heritage & Realty Corporation. He has also served as the Past President of the United Architects of the Philippines (UAP) Cebu Chapter (1994) and the Past National VP of UAP (2006). His contributions to the architectural industry have earned him recognition as a Member of UAP College of Fellows (2003).

In addition to his architectural achievements, Avila is also a dedicated community leader. He has been a Member of the Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Inc. since 1994, serving as its Board Secretary in 2007 and as a Board of Trustee from 1999 to 2002, 2007 to 2010, and 2015 to 2018. Avila is also a Director and Founding President of the Sport Car Club of Cebu Inc. (2005).

Avila’s passion for architecture and leadership began early on in his life. He graduated from the Cebu Institute of Technology College of Architecture in 1972, setting the foundation for a lifetime of achievements.

Through his work as a Principal Architect, President, and Director, Avila has made a significant impact on the built environment in Cebu. His designs are not only functional and aesthetically pleasing, but they also promote sustainability and meet the unique needs of each client.

In his role as a community leader, Avila has used his platform to give back to the Cebu community. From his time as the Past President of the UAP Cebu Chapter to his current position as a Board of Trustee for the Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Inc., Avila has dedicated himself to improving the lives of those around him.

His dedication to both his craft and his community makes him a true asset to the Cebu community and the architectural industry.


With a wealth of experience and a proven track record of success, Ganhinhin is poised to take the service sector to new heights. Ganhinhin is a Partner and Head of Cebu Branch at P&A Grant Thornton (Punongbayan & Araullo), a highly respected accounting and consulting firm. He is also Vice Chair of the Taxation Committee at the Philippine Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Inc., and has served as President of both the Financial Executives Institute of Cebu, Inc. and the Philippine Institute of Certified Public Accountants (PICPA) – Cebu Chapter.

Ganhinhin’s involvement in the Cebu Chamber of Commerce & Industry (CCCI) dates back to 1993, and he has held several key leadership positions over the years. He has served as Trustee, Vice President for Finance & Administrative Services Division, and Chairman of the Power Committee and National Taxation Committee. With his extensive experience and deep knowledge of the CCCI, Ganhinhin is well positioned to make a significant impact in the service sector.

Ganhinhin is also a member of several organizations, including the Association of Certified Public Accountants in Public Practice – Cebu Chapter, Tax Management Association of the Philippines, and People Management Association of the Philippines (PMAP) Cebu, Inc. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, Major in Accounting from Silliman University.

With his strong background in finance and accounting, as well as his commitment to business growth and development, Ganhinhin is an ideal candidate for the 2023 CCCI BOT election. His experience, leadership, and vision make him a valuable asset to the service sector and a worthy contender for the CCCI Board of Trustees.


Edwin Vincent Ortiz, a prominent businessman and leader in the tourism industry, has made a significant impact in the Cebu business community. Ortiz is currently serving as Commissioner and Board Member of the Cebu City Tourism Commission, where he has been contributing his expertise to promote the city as a premier tourist destination. Prior to this, he held the position of Director of the Tourism Promotions Board from 2012 to 2019, where he played a critical role in promoting the Philippines as a tourism hotspot.

Ortiz is also the President and CEO of several successful companies, including EVO Nature Camp, Able Services Inc., EVO Enviro Solutions Inc., Cebu Solid Waste Management Inc., Cleaning Solutions Inc., Gramby Foods Inc., and Octa Gourmet. He has a proven track record of turning around businesses and making them profitable, as evidenced by his numerous entrepreneurial ventures.

Ortiz’s involvement in the tourism industry is not limited to his professional life. He is an active member of several organizations, including the Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the International Sanitary Suppliers Association, Casino Español de Cebu, Cebu City Sports Club, Alta Vista Golf & Country Club, Bukas Loob Sa Diyos Community, and The International Solid Waste Association. He has also served as Vice President for Membership of the Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry and as a Board of Trustee from 2014 to 2017.

In addition to his professional and community achievements, Ortiz is a graduate of the University of the Philippines – Cebu, where he received a Bachelor of Science in Business Management in 1982. This solid foundation in business management has played a crucial role in his success as an entrepreneur and leader in the tourism industry.

With his extensive background in sales, marketing, and entrepreneurship, Ortiz is poised to bring his expertise and passion to the CCCI board and make a positive impact on the business community in Cebu City.


Jonathan Ramos is a well-known figure in the world of family business consulting. As the founder and CEO of Premier Family Business Consultants Inc., he has dedicated his career to helping families navigate the complexities of running a business while preserving the values that make their enterprise unique.

With over 10 years of experience in the field of family financial planning and family business consulting, Jonathan has worked with many different family corporations to achieve unity and prosperity. He has a deep understanding of the challenges that families face in managing their businesses and the strategies that can help them overcome these obstacles.

Jonathan’s commitment to excellence in his field is reflected in his numerous certifications and credentials. He is a registered financial consultant with the International Association of Registered Financial Consultancy (IARFC) based in Ohio, USA, and has received certification for the Guided Discovery Course at the Heritage Institute in the USA. In addition, he is a certified Family Wealth Adviser of the Family Firm Institute in the USA and a graduate of the Advance Management Program of Southeast Asian Business Studies, a partnership between the UA&P and IESE School of Business in Spain.

In 2019, Jonathan further honed his skills by completing the Executive Education on Mergers and Acquisitions Program at the Stanford University Graduate School of Business. This training has given him a comprehensive understanding of the latest best practices in business strategy and has equipped him with the tools and knowledge necessary to help families maximize their success.

Jonathan’s passion for helping families in business is not limited to his professional life. He is also a dedicated member of the Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry, where he has served since 2014. Through his membership in this organization, he has the opportunity to give back to his community and to support other businesses in the area.

His wealth of knowledge, experience, and passion for helping families in business make him an invaluable resource for CCCI and its members.


Alfred Reyes is a prominent figure in the hospitality industry, with over 30 years of experience and a long list of achievements. From his early days as an Assistant Director of Sales at Hyatt Regency Hotel to his current role as the Vice President of Operations and General Manager at Bai Hotel Cebu, Reyes has proven himself to be a leader in the field. He has been recognized for his excellence in the industry, having received multiple awards and certifications over the course of his career.

Reyes’s professional journey has taken him to several countries and a variety of positions. He has served as the Executive Assistant Manager in Jakarta Hilton and Grand Formosa Regent Taipei, and was the General Manager of The Linden Suites and Waterfront Airport Hotel & Casino. He has also held senior positions in several corporations, including the Chief Operating Officer of Quantuvis Resources Corporation and Quantuvis Leisure Incorporated, and the Regional Director of Hotel and Business Development for Swiss-Belhotel International in the Philippines.

In addition to his impressive career in the hospitality industry, Reyes is also active in various organizations and committees. He currently serves as the President of the Human Resources Managers Association in Hospitality Industry (HRRACI), and is a Commissioner of the Cebu City Tourism Commission. He is also a member of the Multi-Industry Advisory Board of Philippine Air Force Mobile Command and the Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Reyes’s contributions to the industry have not gone unnoticed. He has been awarded several times, including the Mabuhay Gold Awardee by the HRRACI in 2019, the GM of the Year by the Rotary Club of Manila’s 18th Tourism Awards in 2022, and the Outstanding Alumni in the Field of Tourism by the Cebu Eastern College Alumni Association in 2010. He is also a recipient of the Certificate in General Manager’s Program from Cornell University School of Hotel Administration, and has been certified in Sales and Marketing by the Hotel & Tourism Institute of the Philippines.

Reyes’s commitment to the hospitality industry and his dedication to his profession have made him a respected and well-regarded figure in the industry. His passion and drive to succeed, combined with his wealth of experience, make him a true trailblazer in the field.


Atty. Joseph Tanco is a well-respected figure in the Philippine legal community, having built a reputation as a highly competent and dedicated lawyer over the course of his successful career. He is the founder and senior partner of Tanco & Partners Law Offices, which he established in 1998, and has since been the head of the legal department of several reputable corporations, including MSY Holdings Corporation and Jalco Group of Companies.

Atty. Tanco is not only known for his impressive career, but also for his commitment to giving back to the community. He has served as the country representative for ENFANTS D’ASIE in the Philippines since 2014 and as a legal adviser for ENFANTS DU MÉKONG since 2016, where he has been instrumental in promoting the rights of children and helping to improve their quality of life. In addition, he is a management representative for the Regional Tripartite, Wages, and Productivity Board in Region VII, where he works to promote fair wages and improve productivity in the region.

Atty. Tanco’s dedication to his community extends beyond his professional work, as he is also an active member of the Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry, having served as a trustee from 2020 to 2022. His strong commitment to the community and his unwavering commitment to the law have earned him the respect and admiration of his peers and colleagues.

Atty. Tanco’s journey to becoming a successful lawyer started with his academic pursuits. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, cum laude, from 1980 to 1983, and went on to earn his Bachelor of Laws from 1984 to 1987. He passed the bar examinations in 1987 and has since been practicing law, building a reputation as one of the top lawyers in the Philippines.

As a seasoned legal professional and a community leader, he is well-positioned to bring a new level of expertise and commitment to the CCCI Board of Trustees.


Tio Jefferson is a seasoned professional with over two decades of experience in the business and education industries. He has a proven track record of success in a variety of roles and has a wealth of knowledge and expertise to share with others.

Currently serving as the Chief Sales and Marketing Officer at Premier Family Business Consultancy, Jefferson brings a wealth of experience in sales and marketing to the table. He has a strong understanding of the intricacies of business operations, which he honed as the General Manager of Creative Shapes and Styles International Inc. and as the General Manager of Regus Management Philippines Inc.

In addition to his expertise in business, Jefferson is also highly involved in the education industry. He has been a Site Director at Ateneo de Manila University’s Graduate School of Business in Cebu since 2017 and has taken on a number of other education-related roles over the years, including as Center Director for Kaplan Educational Center and as Vice-President Internal Relations and Director for Global Foundation for International Education.

To continue his professional development, Jefferson has pursued various certificates and degrees. He holds a Certificate in Family Business Advising from the Family Firm Institute’s Global Education Network in Boston, MA, a Productivity Specialist Certificate from the Development Academy of the Philippines, and a Strategic Management Certificate from the Asian Institute of Management. He is also a candidate for a Master of Arts in Theology, with a focus on Christian Leadership.

Aside from his professional accomplishments, Jefferson is also actively involved in a number of organizations and associations. He is a member of the Family Firm Institute, the Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the Gerson Lehrman Group. He has also served as the Ateneo Representative for the Cebu IT-BPM Organization.

With a vast array of experience in the field of business and commerce, Tio Jefferson is a well-rounded candidate who has dedicated his career to making a positive impact in the business community.