Intelligence for the times

IN the incrementally accelerating world of artificial intelligence, robotics, and data analytics and machine learning that are being used in banking, business, marketing, health care and transport, among other countless other key applications, the need for critical thinking, value judgment and human discernment has never been more indispensable than in our times.

Which is why from the era of the Philippine Revolution in 1898 till the age of the Fourth Industrial Revolution in 2023, The Manila Times (TMT) has continuously built a reputation for providing timely, relevant and impactful information for leaders, financiers, diplomats, innovators and entrepreneurs to consistently make the most intelligent decisions for their respective organizations.

Since the period he formally sat as publisher and chairman of The Times on Aug. 8, 2001 till the moment he retired as chairman emeritus, Dante Arevalo Ang Sr. has promised to provide news that is “accurate, fair and comprehensive.” He takes special pride in the TMT Opinion pages, saying that these are “more ruminative and reflective, delving more deeply into the meaning of the news and into the motive of those who make the news.”

The Manila Times (TMT) Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Dante Francis ‘Klink’ Ang 2nd gives the welcoming remarks during TMT’s forum on politics and the economy in collaboration with Colegio de San Juan de Letran in Intramuros.  FILE PHOTO

From the time he took over the reins of TMT as president and chief executive officer (CEO) till the time he became chairman and CEO, Dante Francis “Klink” Ang 2nd has put a high value on investigative exposés, sound business and political reportage, and enterprise stories. In particular, the enterprise-fueled investigative pieces carry on the rich and renowned — albeit turbulent — legacy of The Times.

Aided by solid editorial, marketing and production teams that continue to raise the bar in terms of journalistic professionalism and intel gathering, the Ang leadership has made TMT “handsomely profitable” for its organizational partners, sponsors, and advertisers by maintaining and even improving its standing as one of the leading and most influential newspapers and news platforms in the county, boosting visibility and credibility.

In acknowledgment of all these, The Times has received numerous accolades throughout its nearly 125 years of existence. Most recently, it has been awarded the Philippine Outstanding Brand of Year – Media Category at the sixth Outstanding Men and Women of the Philippines and Philippine Outstanding Brand of the Year in August 2022. TMT has been named the Most Credible Newspaper of the Year at the fourth Diamond Golden Awards of the PC Good Heart Foundation on Feb. 12, 2023. It has also been cited as the Most Credible Newspaper of the Year at the Mana Awards on April 2, 2023. TMT has even been recognized as the Most Trusted Philippine Daily Newspaper (National) at the 10th National Customers’ Choice Annual Awards on April 26, 2023.

Copies of the print edition of the newspaper complement the tables at the Mayuree Ballroom in Dusit Thani Manila during The Manila Times economic forum 2023.  FILE PHOTO

Thus, from being esteemed as the longest extant English daily broadsheet “Trusted Since 1898,” TMT has been branded as the “News Source of Choice in the Philippines” for its incisive, balanced stories on the country and the Southeast Asian region. It has earned these distinctions for its exclusive coverages, reported through its various media channels such as newsprint and glossy publications, digital newspaper editions, news portal reports, social media updates, banner headline and opinion podcasts, online interviews, streaming and face-to-face fora, and roundtable discussions.

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