International Pharmaceutical Incorporated: Cebu’s Pillar in fostering Wellness and Community Welfare

Nestled within the bustling streets of Cebu City lies the profound legacy of International Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (IPI), an enduring beacon of innovation, wellness, and community impact that has weathered the tides of time across 60 years. In recognition of its outstanding contributions, the Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI) is poised to honor IPI during its 120th Year Celebration Gala Night on December 6 at the Nustar Convention Center, SRP, Cebu City.

In 1959, the trailblazing efforts of the Wong brothers—George, David Sr., Sergio, Pio Sr., and Sixto—paved the way for International Pharmaceuticals Incorporated (IPI) with the launch of Efficascent Oil. This pivotal product marked the genesis of IPI, driven by the brothers’ unwavering passion and commitment to introducing affordable quality products. Their enterprising spirit, coupled with effective sales strategies and resilient door-to-door marketing, laid the groundwork for IPI’s evolution and growth.

Rooted in the humble origins of Botika Asia along Magallanes St., IPI’s trajectory was one of relentless innovation and unwavering values. What began as a pursuit to offer alternative wellness products burgeoned into a testament to excellence, marked by a diverse portfolio of pharmaceutical and consumer products that have become household staples across the Philippines.

At the heart of IPI’s success lies a triad of values—Mahusay (Excellence), Matapat (Integrity), and Mapagmalasakit (Compassion)—that resonate through its very core. These values have been more than mere guiding principles; they’ve been the bedrock upon which IPI has built an empire of trust, quality, and accessibility.

Throughout the tumultuous years, IPI’s products evolved beyond mere commodities; they became lifelines, especially during the unprecedented challenges posed by the global pandemic. From bustling homes to remote resorts and hotels, IPI’s products stood as beacons of hope, fostering wellness and serving as essential elements of daily life for countless Filipinos.

The Captain of Industry award stands as a testament not just to entrepreneurial prowess but to a legacy of resilience and compassion. The Wong brothers’ unwavering dedication to innovation and affordability has not only fostered wellness but also significantly contributed to local and global employment, serving as a testament to Cebu’s entrepreneurial spirit.

IPI’s story continues to unfold with the groundbreaking venture into the IPI Center, a visionary 2.8-hectare mixed-use property developed in collaboration with the Rockwell, Wong, and Castillo families. This ambitious project stands as a testament to IPI’s forward-thinking approach, addressing the evolving needs of the real estate industry in the region while echoing its commitment to innovation.

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