JN Cacao: Where Cacao, Cocoa and Chocolates meet

Do you ever feel like the only thing that will boost your mood is a big bar of chocolate? I think we all do at some point. Chocolate is known for being comfort food, the snack we reach for on the good and bad days.

Chocolate comes from the tropical cacao tree. The cacao bean, the rawest form of chocolate, can be harvested and consumed directly (cacao), roasted and turned into powder (cocoa) or made into chocolate.

Cultivated more than 3,000 years ago by Maya, Toltec and Aztec peoples, cacao, scientifically called as Theobroma cacao is a tropical evergreen tree grown for its edible seeds, whose scientific name means “food of the gods” in Greek.

Cocoa was first introduced in the Philippines by the Spanish colonizers four centuries ago.

The country was the first in Asia to actively produce cocoa beans in the latter part of the 1600s in San Jose, Batangas. By the 1950s, cocoa became a highly profitable commodity as

commercial cocoa farms and processing facilities were established. In 1980, cacao production expanded as tax incentives were offered by the Philippine government for large scale investments, particularly in Mindanao where the land and climate were suitable for the crop.

The Philippine cacao industry is composed mostly of smallholder farmers who supply dry cacao beans to the processors/manufacturers. Manufacturers are mostly small to medium scale enterprises. Some of the larger players are into cocoa powder and cocoa butter.

With the increasing demand of cacao beans and other cacao products both from the local and global market, the Filipinos are becoming more innovative and creative and even collaborated with international brands (Krispy Kreme, Bubble Tea, etc.), to boost brand awareness. Unsurprisingly, the Cebuano ingenuity is not far behind. Lo and behold! a Cebu City based enterprise shares the market too. JN Cacao is one of emerging local artisanal Philippine chocolate brands that make high quality chocolates, including tableas, nibs and cocoa powder.

Jansel Navarro, the Managing Owner and Agripreneur, founded JN CACAO with a simple goal: to provide high-quality, authentic chocolate to the world. His passion and commitment to quality have earned JN Cacao recognition in various news and media outlets, and even earned them the distinction of Asia’s Best Authentic Cacao Delicacies. Not only that, JN Cacao also caters to the patrons of healthy lifestyle through their cocoa infused organic stevia leaves powder, keto snacks, and even skincare and personal care products made with their signature cacao glow as value-added chocolate products.

Keeping up with the trends, JN Cacao is 100% online, making it easy for customers and resellers to shop from anywhere and have their products delivered nationwide and internationally.

Sir Jansel and his team strongly believe that quality should never be compromised. Their commitment to excellence and their wide selection of products are a testament that chocolate-based products must be tailored to the needs of the ever-growing and evolving consumers.

Are you craving to relish the foods for the gods? Contact JN Cacao directly on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/jncacao/, instagram @jn_cacao, or through Shopee shopee.ph/jncacao.

You may also visit their pick-up point at Dona Maria 1, Punta Princesa, Cebu City. For inquiries, contact them at jncacao18@gmail.com or 09367113010.