P&A Grant Thornton: 35 Vibrant Years of Excellence & Quality Service

In a world where success is measured by resilience and innovation, one firm stands tall. P&A Grant Thornton, a leading audit and business advisory firms in the country, proudly commemorates its 35th anniversary, highlighting a rich history of success and unveiling the future with the best laid plans and goals.

Throughout its remarkable 35-year journey, P&A Grant Thornton has consistently distinguished itself in the field of advisory and audit. Emerging as the “little firm that could”. it astonished its growing clientele and competitors alike with its exceptional service. It made its mark as an exuberant young firm in its early years of providing unparalleled top-notch support to dynamic organizations and demonstrating immense growth potential fueled by a relentless “go-beyond” mindset.

With the theme, “Shaping a Vibrant Tomorrow”, this anniversary celebration signifies P&A Grant Thornton’s unwavering commitment to spark inspiration among stakeholders, foster innovation and transformation, answer global calls to promote sustainability, and cultivate robust collaboration among stakeholders as a catalyst for change.

“Our 35th Anniversary marks another poignant milestone in the history of P&A. For us, it is more than just a reminder of our journey throughout the years. It is a striking portrait of who we really are as a company. If one were to look at our history, three qualities stand out – bold perspectives, divergent thinking, and our persistence to always forge new paths,” explained Romualdo “Boyet” V. Murcia III, Chairman and Managing Partner.

By forging new paths, the Firm envisions a future brimming with new partnerships and enhanced collaboration with government entities, investors, and local stakeholders, including those within the Grant Thornton business network.

“At P&A Grant Thornton, we believe that we can meet the future with our strategic capabilities in mind. We will use the influence we have worked hard to achieve in becoming an even more effective role model in the industry and within our community,” added Boyet.

Connect with P&A Grant Thornton thru Tin Ejanda, Markets Manager, at +63 956 120 6872 or tin.ejanda@ph.gt.com.