Say Goodbye to pests and let QuRE IT be your best prevention!

QuRE IT Incorporated is a highly competent, reliable, socially relevant, and environmentally responsible pest management service provider, dedicated to protecting its clients from structural and urban pests since May 2006.

The core mission of the company revolves around ensuring the health and safety of its clients by effectively managing pests that can spread diseases and cause structural harm.

Safeguarding homes and establishments from the dangers is difficult enough. QuRE IT wants families to sleep comfortably knowing that qualified and well-trained personnel are proactively protecting them from the dangers they do not usually see.

So, who benefits from their services? It’s YOU!

QuRE IT aims to improve everyone’s quality of life by using the best available methods, technologies, and chemicals to cater to every unique need while being environmentally sustainable.

From hotels to homes, hospitals to leisure clubs, businesses to residences, QuRE IT provides quality, personalized, and upscaled pest management and disinfection services to help ensure the overall health and safety of their clients. So why wait for the pest woes to go out of control? Let QuRE IT be your best prevention.

For more information, you can visit their website at,  or reach them through their hotlines: For Visayas, you may call them through (032) 505 4198; (+63) 966 248 6342; or (+63) 930 918 3203 and Mindanao through (082) 298 5377 or (+63) 917 193 4573.

You may also send them an email through, and