Virginia Food Inc.: A Cebuano Icon Awarded Captain of Industry in Meat Processing by CCCI

A titan in the meat processing realm—Virginia Food Inc.—now poised to receive the prestigious ‘Captain of Industry’ award during the Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI) 120th Year Celebration Gala Night for its relentless pursuit of quality and innovation in meat processing.

Born from a fervent ambition to elevate Filipino lives through superior meat products, Virginia Food Inc. has stood as a beacon of excellence and taste. Its trajectory has been marked by unwavering dedication to innovation, attuning itself to the evolving preferences of families in today’s dynamic landscape.

Initially renowned for its hotdogs, the company’s evolution has been nothing short of spectacular. Expanding its repertoire to include corned beef, bacon, chicken nuggets, and French fries, Virginia Food Inc. has woven an extensive tapestry of flavors under banners like Virginia, New Yorker, Srefan’s, Big Shot, Winner, El Rancho, Champion, Australian, and Vinta.

With each passing year, Virginia Food Inc. continues to soar, churning out over 300 Metric Tons of Processed Meat daily and providing livelihoods to over 3,000 individuals. Its commitment to excellence culminated in the attainment of an ISO Certification on Food Safety Management System, a testament to its unwavering dedication to deliver products of exceptional quality and safety.

“Virginia” has transcended its brand status to become a household name, embodying the pinnacle of global excellence. Its unwavering pursuit of international quality standards has not only raised the bar but also propelled Cebu onto the global stage, fostering a culture of enhanced competitiveness.


The ‘Captain of Industry’ accolade bestowed upon Virginia Food Inc. is a reverberation of its steadfast commitment and substantial investments in Cebu’s food processing and manufacturing sector. Beyond crafting delectable products, the company has served as a catalyst for employment opportunities, enriching the lives of Cebuanos while setting global benchmarks for quality.

Along with other captains of industry who shaped the business landscape of Cebu, CCCI is set to honor Virginia Food, Inc on December 6 at Nustar Convention Center, SRP, Cebu City.

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