Cebu AC Builders: Building your Dreams into Reality

“A dream can take a man anywhere, there is no limit to such, but for one to achieve his dream, he must create it” as the famous quote say.

Construction doesn’t start when ink meets the blank sheets of paper, it starts with a dream, with a thought, with imagination, then one simply puts it onto paper, and from then on, it grows, from paper to rebar from rebar to a wall. But one cannot bring his dream into reality, he must build it.

Operating under the banner of Rivera Development & Builders Depot Co., the Cebu AC Builders & Developer embarks on a journey from dream to reality begins with a profound commitment to realizing the aspirations of their clients.

Embodying the motto, “We build your dreams,” the team is dedicated to guiding clients through every phase of the construction process, from conception to completion, with efficiency and unwavering quality.

Cebu AC Builders is engaged in top-tier construction services infused with a spirit of innovation and excellence. Motivated by a relentless pursuit of improvement, the company continually seeks novel and creative solutions to meet the diverse needs of their clients. Through these efforts, they strive to contribute to the creation of modern marvels.

Since its establishment in 2005, Cebu AC Builders has accumulated a wealth of experience through its involvement in a diverse array of projects. From Commercial Buildings to Hotels, Resorts, Land Development, and Residential Buildings, each project serves as a testament to the company’s steadfast commitment to quality and innovation.

Visit their locations in Maghaway, Talisay City, Cebu, PCUM Brgy. San Juan Surigao City, and Brgy. Santiago, San Francisco Camotes Island, Cebu. Alternatively, reach out via phone at +639972477070 / +639293928289 or through email at /

So, embark on the journey with Cebu AC Builders, for they are not merely builders – they are innovators, the hands that brings your dreams into reality. Because at Cebu AC Builders, “We Build your Dreams.”

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