Give your business the digital advantage with 10.28

Ten.28 Business Consultancy (10.28) has helped companies improve their business by providing the best technology to transform business operations and adapt to the ever-changing requirements of growth.

10.28’s consulting and software services are direct and honest, designed to build long-term relationships while simplifying its customer’s technology experience.  Its unique history is a testament to the organization’s commitment to providing the best services anchored on a caring and customer-centric culture.

10.28 is the brainchild of Ms. May Farrah Detuya-Vidal, a former CFO of a retail company in Cebu, who has extensive experience in Audit, Accounting, and Finance.  As a CFO she saw the successes and challenges that business are faced with managing their day to day operations and making strategic decisions to achieve their business goals.

In the same company, she became a user of SAP and became passionate about the value and benefits of implementing an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system in organizations. Remembering the stressful days of preparing reports for the BOD’s and just a simple comment such as “are you sure about this?”, resulted in sleepless nights double checking and reconciling data. She realized that having an ERP system can make the work of finance more efficient and will assure her management of the accuracy of critical reports.  With SAP, this became a reality.

In 2012, she started her mission to elevate the confidence of business users, by enabling them to produce timely and accurate reports that paint a comprehensive picture of a company’s performance and serve as a reliable basis for business decisions.

In her pursuit of personal and professional growth, Farrah pursued an MBA to further enhance her skills. Despite her academic achievements and career success, she felt that something was missing—a deeper wisdom in the way she lived her life.   With what considers divine providence, a Bible purchased on her wedding day October 28, 10-28, opened her mind to a calling.  The first calling occurred on October 28, 2007—to deepen and strengthen her relationship with God. The second calling took place on October 28, 2015 when she answer the call of married life.  Consequently, Farrah decided to establish 10.28 as a brand. 10.28 Business Consultancy serves as a calling to serve its employees, business partners, and clients. Farrah perceives herself as a steward entrusted by God with the business of her customers. For the past 11 years, 10.28 has continued to serve over 100 clients nationwide, aiming to provide the best possible service.

With team of professionals of certified public accountants, industrial engineers, programmers/developers, and IT experts, 10.28 caters to various industries such as hospitality, manufacturing, retail, distribution, transportation, education, among others.

The company has earned the trust and confidence of its clients and continues to satisfy them with its brand of service and dedication, supporting their digital transformation journey. 10.28 is operating nationwide with offices in Manila, Bacolod, Davao, and head office in Cebu. 10.28 is the only Cebuano SAP Direct Reseller dedicated to develop and innovate to the latest trends and technologies that would serve the requirements of developing market for SAP Business One both in cloud and on-premise deployment. The team is also preparing to serve large enterprises with SAP S4 Hana in the coming days.  It also has plans to serve clients abroad as an outsourcing company for SAP services.

As 10.28 grows with SAP, it diversified into other ventures such as:  8Gen Power Inc., a Solar PV System installation company,  and i28 Realty Co., a real estate business.  The company remains dedicated to its mission and vision of being a leader in providing SAP solutions to various industries. True to its tagline, “Driven to serve you best,” 10.28 strives to deliver exceptional service and support to its clients.

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