Increase your sales, expand your partners, and sail with Barkota

Are you managing a travel agency or a ticketing outlet? Do you want to increase the shipping companies as merchant partners? Look no further? Barkota is here and ready to be of service.

As people run their summer holiday trips, it is high time to upscale selling shipping tickets online using one portal to book for multiple shipping companies.

Barkota is an online booking platform that makes sea travel convenient and hassle-free. An advanced booking system, Barkota augments the shipping companies’ workflow in terms of ease of access about several transactions- may it be for passengers’ ticket issuance or dealings of cargo items. The said system has three modules namely- Passage System, Online Booking System, Cargo System.

Developed by Yoshii Software Solutions Philippine Corp. (YSSP), Barkota streamlines booking systems and capacity problems hence, double booking and over capacity matters are no longer an issue. Not only that, with the automated system for ticket issuance, you can view your sales data and voyage statistics with a click of a button.

Established in 2006, Yoshii Software Solution Philippines Corp. (YSSP) is an IT solutions company which offers software development services designed and tailored to improve a company’s efficiency and productivity. Originally providing quality offshore outsourcing services in Japan, Yoshii Software Solution Philippines has expanded offering innovative software solutions in the transport sector primarily in Cebu. With over 16 merchant partners from the shipping industry, travelers have a wide range of options in choosing their preferred shipping line and destinations.

Yoshii Software Solution Philippines (YSSP) is represented by its General Manager, Mr. Art Anthony Bonghanoy.  With YSSP’s vision to improve lives through IT, they remain innovative and driven to offer unique software solutions that best fits their clients’ needs and requirements.

Aside from Barkota, Yoshii also offers Fruit Works. Fruit works as an Accounting, Point of Sale (POS) and Inventory System (IS) for small and medium scale retailers. With an optimized software, you stay on top of your business by making use of our set of software tools through an enabled POS and Accounting System. Because it is simple and easy to use software, you can keep track of all aspects of your business by making needed information readily available online and most importantly, can keep track of the detailed sales.

Located at the 602-B, Metrobank Plaza Building, Osmena Boulevard, Yoshii Software Solutions Philippines (YSSP) can be reached via telephone at: (032) 254-0302 or email: You can also check them via Facebook and Website: